What is a proper noun with examples?

What is a proper noun?

Today we will learn what is a proper noun in English grammar. A proper noun is a special name given to a common noun.

Such as:
1). People (man, woman, boy, girl) are common nouns but when we give a specific name to a person then it is called a proper noun. e.g.: Rohan, Rahul, Nikki, etc.

2). Animal (dog, cat, lion, tiger, cow) are common nouns but when people give a special name to an animal then it is called a proper noun. e.g.: Tommy, Bruno, Tuffy,

3). Similarly, all places (country, city, street, school, building, hotel, park) are also common nouns but when they are given a special name then that name is called a proper noun. e.g.: India, Delhi, London, Taj Hotel, Red Fort, City Park, Disneyland, Fountain Chowk, etc.

The first letter of a proper noun is always capital. e.g.- Rohan, Babita, India, America, Tokyo, Tommy, April, May, Sunday, Monday, Audi, BMW, Google, Yahoo, Burger King, etc.

Proper noun examples

  1. David bent down to tie his shoelace.
  2. I hear you are moving to Toronto.
  3. Tom and Bob are fond of each other.
  4. Nikki is wearing a beautiful dress.
  5. Dr. Brown is the best doctor ever.
  6. Has Mrs. Khurana had her meals?
  7. She works for the State Bank of India.
  8. I have a dog named Bruno.
  9. Did he go to Goa last year?
  10. My favorite movie is Spider-Man.
  11. My younger sister’s nickname is Missy.
  12. Who is the Prime Minister of Canada?
  13. We will be staying at Hotel Taj.
  14. What does the Statue of Liberty symbolize?
  15. My brother studies at Doon Public School.
  16. Rohan visits his mother every other week.
  17. Put your trust in God, misfortune will pass.
  18. India started to build a nuclear bomb.
  19. My biggest ambition was to climb Everest.
  20. Tom goes to the library every Sunday.
What is a proper noun with examples
20 Examples of proper nouns Sentences

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Identify the proper noun

  1. She lives at number 102 Church Street.
  2. We stayed at a hotel near Central Park.
  3. Several students boarded with Mrs. Smith.
  4. I need to talk to Mr. Jones immediately.
  5. The new BMW is big on safety features.
  6. April is the fourth month of the year.
  7. Sirius is the brightest star in the sky.
  8. Charlie was injured in a car accident.
  9. My favorite singer is Justin Bieber.
  10. Several rivers are tributary to the Ganges.
  11. Bruno was a quiet and obedient little boy.
  12. She is a professor of History at Oxford University.
  13. The Rabindranath Temple will reopen in June.
  14. Microsoft is a world leader in software design.
  15. The Atlantic Ocean is the saltiest ocean in the world.


  1. Church Street
  2. Central Park
  3. Mrs. Smith
  4. Mr. Jones
  5. BMW
  6. April
  7. Sirius
  8. Charlie
  9. Justin Bieber
  10. Ganges
  11. Bruno
  12. History, Oxford University
  13. Rabindranath Temple, June
  14. Microsoft
  15. Atlantic Ocean

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