Examples of Proper Noun And Common Noun

Examples of Proper Noun And Common Noun
Examples of Proper Noun And Common Nouns

Definition Of Proper Noun

A proper noun is a special name given to a person, a place, an animal, or a thing. The first letter of a proper noun is always capital. Such as Rohan, India, America, New York, Tommy, January, Sunday, Monday, Samsung, Google, etc.

Examples Of Proper Nouns

  1. Rubina is a very beautiful girl.
  2. I finished school last June.
  3. Neha and Rahul are close friends.
  4. My birthday is on a Sunday this year.
  5. Beijing is the capital of China.
  6. Jaipur is known as the Pink City.
  7. We saw the Taj Mahal yesterday.
  8. I bought a mobile from Amazon.
  9. He went to Rose Park to play baseball.
  10. He is teaching German in this school.

Definition Of Common Noun

A common noun is used to name general things, places, ideas, events, or people. such as – boy, girl, man, teacher, milkman, students, city, country, animal, television, chocolate, table, month, week, etc.

Examples Of Common Nouns

  1. How many books are there?
  2. He goes to school by car.
  3. She loves to play with her cat.
  4. This park is so beautiful and green.
  5. She comes from a royal family.
  6. He is reading a newspaper.
  7. This magazine comes out monthly.
  8. Is there a direct train to London?
  9. I have two sisters and one brother.
  10. The kids are playing in the park.

Examples of Proper Noun And Common Nouns