10 Sentences Using May | May Sentence Examples

10 Sentences Using May, May Sentence Examples

10 Sentences Using May Sentence Examples

May Sentence Examples

  • May I ask a favor of you?
  • She may still be waiting for us.
  • May I take a rest for a while?
  • We may come again tomorrow?
  • It may be defined in several ways.
  • It may sound strange, but it’s true.
  • I like this coat. May I try it on?
  • May I see a menu in Chinese?
  • He may have missed his flight.
  • May I borrow your dictionary?
  • May I look at your passport?
  • You may go home now, Tom.
  • You may invite whomever you like.
  • May I sit next to you?
  • May I ask you a question?
  • She may come and see us tonight.