What is a common noun with examples

What is a common noun?

In English grammar, A common noun is a word that names people, places, things, or ideas. They are not the names of a single thing. A common noun is not capitalized unless it is at the beginning of a sentence.

For example:-


boy, girl, man, woman, mom, dad, brother, sister, child, person, student, doctor, teacher


lion, cat, dog, butterfly, ant, snake,


table, chair, television, fan, almirah, phone, bed, computer


school, city, town, building, bank, hospital, shop


pride, love, hate, idea

What Is Common Noun With Examples
What Is A Common Noun With Examples

20 Examples of Common Noun Sentences

  1. The lion went back to its cave.
  2. She was going to be a teacher.
  3. He runs faster than his brother.
  4. The boy fell down from the stairs.
  5. Jennifer called me on the phone.
  6. I have to go home early to feed my cat.
  7. She is the tallest girl in the school.
  8. We watched a movie and ate popcorn.
  9. She is afraid of vampires and ghosts.
  10. The firemen broke the door in with axes.
  11. Don’t touch that pot; it’s very hot.
  12. The lion was roaring victoriously.
  13. David bent down to tie his shoelace.
  14. He married his wife Jane 30 years ago.
  15. She is a very domestic sort of woman.
  16. She looked me straight in the eye.
  17. He hasn’t been selected for the team.
  18. Can I speak with you for a minute?
  19. The dog jumped up and licked her face.
  20. I had a picture taken this morning.

Identify the Common Noun

  1. I went to the cinema yesterday.
  2. My teacher is from Atlanta.
  3. I am going to read a book.
  4. My brother likes to play tennis.
  5. You were not at home yesterday.
  6. She is crazy about music.
  7. I gave it to my father.
  8. She bakes cookies with her kids.
  9. I need to leave for the office soon.
  10. The café is above the supermarket.
  11. There is no reason to suppose he’s lying.
  12. I’ve never liked that cousin of hers.
  13. I will always remember your word.
  14. Spain is a country of southwest Europe.
  15. She spent the whole day sleeping.

Answer: 1) cinema 2). teacher 3). book 4). brother, tennis 5). home 6). music 7). father 8). cookies, kids 9). office 10). café, supermarket, 11). reason, 12). cousin, 13). word, 14). country, 15). day.