20 Material Noun Examples In Sentences

What is a material noun?

Material Nouns are the names of materials or substances out of which things are made. Material nouns are uncountable and found in concrete form.

Examples: Gold, Silver, Brass, Alcohol, Acid, Cloth, Air, Brick, Cement, Milk, butter, Petrol, diesel, Oil, Rubber, Salt, Sand, Clay, Coffee, Tea, Cheese, Chemical, Copper, Iron, Rain, Glass, Grass, etc.

30 Material Noun Examples In Sentences
Material Noun Examples

Material Noun Examples

  1. Some coins are made of silver.
  2. She wore a gold chain around her neck.
  3. They were working in the cotton fields.
  4. You need to put some air in the tires.
  5. He was hurt by a falling brick.
  6. The petrol in the tank is leaking out.
  7. We brought home two bags of rice.
  8. He spread some honey on his bread.
  9. I left my bicycle out in the rain.
  10. They make bottles out of glass.
  11. The cow is eating grass on the field.
  12. He buys and sells leather goods.
  13. This window is made of iron.
  14. The price of oil has risen sharply.
  15. I drink a glass of milk every morning.
  16. There is plenty of coal in this area.
  17. She marked the floor with chalk.
  18. They melted the ghee in the fire.
  19. The dress was made of pure wool.
  20. The child is playing with clay in the yard.

Material Noun Worksheet

Identify Material Nouns

  1. This drink doesn’t contain any alcohol.
  2. Copper is a good conductor of heat.
  3. Take the medicine three times a day.
  4. He used gelatin to glue the papers together.
  5. Salt is a substance we use in cooking.
  6. The cloth trade went into gradual decline.
  7. He built a model ship out of wood.
  8. Plastic is used to make all these toys.
  9. She wears sarees which are made of silk.
  10. I like to drink coffee in the morning.

Answer: 1- alcohol, 2- copper, 3- medicine, 4- gelatin, 5- salt, 6- cloth, 7- wood, 8- plastic, 9- silk, 10- coffee.