Past Continuous Tense: Rules And Examples

Definition of Past Continuous Tense

The Past Continuous Tense is used when we talk about an action that was going on at a certain time in the past and if we do not state when it started or ended.

Present Continuous Tense: Rules & Examples

Past continuous Tense Rules And Examples
Past continuous Tense: Rules And Examples

Affirmative Sentences

Form: Subject + was/were + verb (ing) + object.


  • I was reading a book.
  • He was going to school.
  • She was writing a letter.
  • Rohan was singing a song.
  • We were watching a movie.
  • They were playing football.

Negative Sentences

Form: Subject + was/were + not + verb (ing) + object.


  • I was not reading any book.
  • He was not going to school.
  • She was not writing a letter.
  • Rohan was not singing a song.
  • We were not watching a movie.
  • They were not playing football.

Interrogative Sentences

Form: Was/Were + Subject + verb (ing) + object?


  • Was I reading a book?
  • Was he going to school?
  • Was she writing a letter?
  • Was Rohan singing a song?
  • Were we watching a movie?
  • Were they playing football?

Examples of Past Continuous Tense

  • I was reading at that time.
  • They were crossing the road.
  • She was studying in the library.
  • Lily was waiting for you.
  • It was raining yesterday.
  • The police were following the thief.
  • None of us was going to the party.
  • I was buying a typewriter.

  • She was drawing pictures of her pets.
  • He was digging in his garden.
  • The train was running very fast.
  • She was standing outside.
  • Both were sitting on the sofa.
  • Cars were coming from all directions.
  • She was coming to help with the laundry.
  • The music was coming from next door.
  • The child was hiding behind the sofa.
  • He was wearing jeans and a T-shirt.
  • He was playing while I was studying.
  • The baby was sleeping when I came.
  • At 8 o’clock, I was eating dinner.
  • Mother was cooking food in the kitchen.

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