Simple Past Tense: Rules And Examples

Definition of Simple Past Tense

The Simple past tense (Past Indefinite Tense) is used to describe an action that was completed in the past. In other words, it began in the past and ended in the past.

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Simple Past Tense Rules And Examples
Simple Past Tense: Rules And Examples

Affirmative Sentences

Form: – Subject + 2nd Form of Verb + object.


  • I went to school.
  • She ate an apple.
  • He wrote a letter.
  • We played football.
  • They lived in Delhi.

Negative Sentences

Form: – Subject + did not + 1st Form of Verb + object.


  • I did not go to school.
  • She did not eat an apple.
  • He did not write a letter.
  • We did not play football.
  • They did not live in Delhi.

Interrogative Sentences

Form: – Did + Subject + 1st Form of Verb + object ?


  • Did I go to school?
  • Did he eat an apple?
  • Did he write a letter?
  • Did we play football?
  • Did he live in Delhi?

Examples of Simple Past Tense

  • I left school in 2002.
  • He came here for the money.
  • Why did you go there?
  • Did John live in Delhi?
  • We didn’t go to her party.
  • She did nothing wrong.
  • My purse got stolen.
  • She went to see her friend.

  • We played cricket yesterday.
  • They refused to help me.
  • We went on a picnic 2 days ago.
  • I forgot to bring my notebook.
  • I didn’t eat anything yesterday.
  • She didn’t know how to cook.
  • Bob got 95 marks out of 100.
  • I forgot to turn off the tap.
  • We went to the zoo on May 31.
  • She slapped him for no reason.
  • I slept very late last night.

  • He fell down and broke his legs.
  • I caught him smoking a cigarette.
  • Did you put sugar in my tea?
  • How did you burn your hand?
  • I went to Berlin last year.
  • I bought this car 2 years ago.
  • She lived in my neighborhood.
  • Rohan ate all the chocolates.
  • I left my purse at home.
  • The old lady shouted at the boy.
  • My father made a boat out of wood.

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