Future Indefinite Tense: Rules And Examples

Definition Of Future Indefinite Tense

Future Indefinite Tense (Simple future tense) is used to express all the actions that will be done in the future. This tense also expresses our future habits. Future Indefinite Tense is also known as Simple Future Tense.

Types of  Future Indefinite Tense

Like all other tenses, the Future Indefinite Tense also has four parts, which are given below, now we will know about these four in detail.

  1. Affirmative Sentences
  2. Negative Sentences
  3. Interrogative Sentences
  4. Interrogative Negative Sentences

Future Indefinite Tense Rules Chart
Future Indefinite Tense Rules Chart

Future Indefinite Tense (Affirmative Sentences)

Formula: Subject + will + verb 1st form + others.

  1. I will go to Italy tomorrow.
  2. She will sing a song in the evening.
  3. The race will start after 4 hours.
  4. They will come in a while.
  5. The film will release next week.
  6. I will help you park your car.
  7. I will buy a new car.
  8. We’ll go to the park together.
  9. Emily will learn English.
  10. My father will come at night.
  11. John will eat his lunch.
  12. He will take the exam next week.
  13. I will come to you tomorrow.
  14. I will come early tonight.
  15. The tailor will sew my dress.

Future Indefinite Tense (Negative Sentences)

Formula: Subject + will not + verb 1st form + others.

  1. You will not go with them.
  2. He will not help you.
  3. I will not go to Tokyo.
  4. I won’t let you go there.
  5. They will not lend you money.
  6. I will not talk to you anymore.
  7. It will not happen again.
  8. It will not rain here tomorrow.
  9. Nobody will say anything to anyone.
  10. Sarah will not buy a red dress.
  11. People will not have more free time.
  12. Now my family will not shift to Delhi.
  13. I will not meet my friends tomorrow.
  14. The weather won’t be colder tomorrow.
  15. I will not be able to attend the party.

Future Indefinite Tense (Interrogative Sentences)

Formula: Will + Subject + verb 1st form + others?

  1. Will you go to the office by bus?
  2. Will you carry an umbrella?
  3. Will he come to school on Tuesday?
  4. Will you go to Canada next year?
  5. will you get me a new phone?
  6. Will you take a picture of us?
  7. Will they come to your party?
  8. Who will win the match?
  9. What color car will you buy?
  10. How long will you be in Tokyo?
  11. At what time will he reach Milan?
  12. when will you return my money?
  13. Will you change the baby’s diaper?
  14. How will I clean the house on Sunday?
  15. When will they come back from Shimla?

Future Indefinite Tense (Interrogative Negative Sentences)

Formula: Will + Subject + not + verb 1st form + others?

  1. Will he not participate in the tournament?
  2. Will you not buy a book?
  3. Won’t you go to the office tomorrow?
  4. Won’t you watch the movie with us?
  5. Won’t she marry you?
  6. How come he will not call you?
  7. Will they not sign the document.
  8. Will they not accept this offer?
  9. Will you never talk to her?
  10. Will she not celebrate her birthday this time?

Future Indefinite Tense Examples

  • She will go to her village.
  • I will not spare him.
  • He will call you soon.
  • I will search for a job in Delhi.
  • The train will arrive at 5 am.
  • The gardener will water the plants.
  • Will you miss Me?

  • We will travel by plane.
  • His father will return tomorrow.
  • Rumor has it that they will not return.
  • I will help you stop smoking.
  • How come he will not call you?
  • I will wait for you here.

  • Which song will you sing?
  • Won’t you come to school?
  • Our school will open in July.
  • Do you think it will help?
  • She will pursue MBA from IIM.
  • Students will come here shortly.
  • I will shift to Mumbai next month.
  • India will play a match with Pakistan.
  • I will sleep after coming from school.
  • I am not sure if they will offer me the job.

  • We will shift to a new house next week.
  • None of your tricks will work on me.
  • Students will come here in a while.
  • What will you do on Valentine’s Day?
  • They will contact you for an interview.
  • If you study you will do well in school.
  • The sun will burn you if you go outside.

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