Future Continuous Tense: Rules And Examples

Future Continuous Tense

The Future Continuous Tense is used to express a continuous or ongoing action that we expect to happen in the future. for example, She will be eating food., The child will be sleeping.

Present Continuous Tense: Rules & Examples

Future Continuous Tense Rules Chart
Future Continuous Tense Rules Chart

Affirmative Sentences

Form: Subject + will be + verb ( ing) + object.

  • I will be eating food.
  • He will be going home.
  • She will be playing.
  • Rohan will be sleeping.
  • They will be swimming.

Negative Sentences

Form: Subject + will not + be + verb ( ing) + object.

  • I will not be eating food.
  • He will not be going home.
  • She will not be playing.
  • Rohan will not be sleeping.
  • They will not be swimming.

Interrogative Sentences

Form: Will + subject + be + verb ( ing) + object?

  • Will I be eating food?
  • Will he be going home?
  • Will she be playing?
  • Will Rohan be sleeping?
  • Will they be swimming?

Future continuous tense examples

  • She will be cooking at 6 pm.
  • I will be waiting when you arrive.
  • At midnight won’t he be sleeping?
  • I will be playing in the afternoon.

  • The children will be sleeping at home.
  • They will be coming to the meeting.
  • I will be working from 9 to 5 tomorrow.
  • Bunny will be running in the marathon
  • The train will be leaving shortly.

  • They will be waiting for you outside.
  • It will be raining when I leave tomorrow.
  • At 8 o’clock tomorrow, I will be working.
  • Bob will be eating the cake later.
  • Tonight at 8 p.m, I will be watching T.V.
  • At 7 o’clock, he will be going to school.

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