Future Continuous Tense Examples

Future Continuous Tense

Future Continuous Tense is used to denote an action that is expected to be in progress at a certain point of time in the future.

Rule:- Subject + Will + be + Verb(ing) + Object.

Future Continuous Tense
Future Continuous Tense Examples

Future Continuous Tense Examples

1). They will not be playing football.

2). I will be sleeping in the afternoon.

3). She will be cooking at this time.

4). He will be watching a horror movie.

5). She will be playing tennis in London.

6). They will be buying a new house.

7). He will be writing a letter to his mother.

8). We will be waiting for your response.

9). I will be sending you the homework by email.

10). The Kids will be sleeping at home.

11). She will be cooking when you return.

12). Will they be sleeping when we return?

13). She won’t be waiting for you at the library.

14). The teacher will be teaching in a class.

15). He will be coming to the meeting.

16). We will be waiting for you at the church.

17). The train will be leaving shortly.

18). How many people will be coming?

19). He will be studying when his father arrives.

20). The team will be playing in London next week.

21). She will be going to college in October.

22). Passengers will be eating their food.

23). I will be sleeping at this time tomorrow.

24). She will be talking about her marriage.

25). We will be writing letters to President.

26). The prime minister will be flying to Delhi.

27). You will be playing in the team tomorrow.

28). The kids will be leaving home in no time.

29). Everybody will be leaving for the weekend.

30). It will be raining when I leave tomorrow.

Future Continuous Tense Examples