Examples For Simple Future Tense

Examples For Simple Future Tense
Examples For Simple Future Tense

Examples For Simple Future Tense

1). We will go there by bus.

2). We will study together.

3). I will go to school.

4). Will you come with me?

5). The cat will eat anything.

6). I will reach Delhi at about 3 pm.

7). I will buy a bullet train ticket.

8). I will not pay that bill.

9). I will not let you down.

10). I will not wear this shirt.

11). I doubt if he will accept my advice.

12). You will achieve more in this world.

13). We will sleep together.

14). I will find her wherever she may be.

15). I hope you will agree with me.

16). I will write him a letter.

17). I will not tolerate this behavior.

18). She will meet you tomorrow.

19). I will go to sleep at 9 o’clock.

20). They will be back on Monday.

21). He will go to study in London.

22). I will go shopping tomorrow.

23). There will be no school tomorrow.

24). She will not believe you.

50 Examples For Simple Future Tense

25). She will buy me a watch.

26). She will not tell anyone.

27). You will not come back.

28). They will not contest elections.

29). She will be a role model for others.

30). You will not waste your time.

31). He will not be able to come.

32). What will you do if you fail?

33). We’ll go to the park together.

34). I will call him to help me.

35). How will I recognize you?

36). I will be back within an hour.

37). He will be back in a week or two.

38). What will you have for dinner?

39). Will you come to my party?

40). Will you wait at the door?

41). Will you get one for me?

42). Will you take a picture of us?

43). Will you kindly open the door?

44). He won’t buy candy for me.

45). When will you return to the office?

46). What will you do on Valentine’s Day?

47). How long will you be in Canada?

48). When will the work be complete?

49). When will she return from there?

50). I will go to Shimla this Summer.

50 Examples For Simple Future Tense