100 Simple Present Tense Examples | Simple Present Tense Sentences Examples

100 Simple Present Tense Examples | Simple Present Tense Sentences Examples

100 Simple Present Tense Examples
100 Simple Present Tense Examples

100 Simple Present Tense Examples

1. She eats four times a day.

2. Her mother works at a bank.

3. He doesn’t know how to swim.

4. She likes to walk barefoot.

5. Johnny works as a pizza chef.

6. She comes to the office by bus.

7. He loves to play table tennis.

8. My grandmother lives in Russia.

9. He spends all his time watching TV.

10. He speaks better English than me.

11. This market sells only vegetables.

12. We walk together to the school.

13. My sister, Julia, likes to read novels.

14. The sun shines brightly every day.

15. I wash my clothes on Sundays.

16. It rains a lot here in Spring.

17. We listen to the radio in the evening.

18. Tom usually goes to work by train.

19. We get up at 6 am every morning.

20. Girls spend hours in front of the mirror.

21. My brother goes to the library at noon.

22. I never enjoy reading romantic novels.

23. We never work on Sunday evenings.

24. When water freezes, it becomes ice.

25. John drives his father’s dented car.

100 Simple Present Tense Examples

26. My sister likes to play with her dolls.

27. I usually spend 2 hours in the gym.

28. Melissa likes to eat spicy food.

29. My brother plays tennis with me.

30. They speak English in America.

31. Cathy loves living on her own.

32. We get up early in the morning.

33. We usually go to the park at 5 pm.

34. The plane leaves for Italy at 11.40.

35. The bus from Delhi arrives at 12:30.

36. We leave home every day at 7 o’clock.

37. Do you know the route to the airport?

38. He spends a lot of money on friends.

39. I never like to hurt people’s sentiments.

40. Which school do your children go to?

41. I don’t like a house without a bathroom.

42. Carla takes part in many class activities.

43. He rarely stays at home on weekends.

44. Do you want to play hockey tomorrow?

45. Every mother loves her children very much.

46. She always goes shopping on weekends.

47. My father wants to buy me a bicycle.

48. I don’t think you want to go there.

49. He always read a book before bed.

50. She knows every student in the school.

51-100 Simple Present Tense Examples

100 Simple Present Tense Examples
100 Simple Present Tense Examples

51-100 Simple Present Tense Examples

51. She runs two miles every morning.

52. We usually go to bed at 9 o’clock.

53. I really don’t care what you think.

54. She loves to win an argument.

55. I like sports like tennis and football.

56. I don’t know what to do on vacation.

57. She knows the local area very well.

58. She washes her hair every other day.

59. I always go to church on Sundays.

60. We go to the club every other day.

61. Water boils at 100 degrees Celsius.

62. He doesn’t go to work by train.

63. She likes to be alone at home.

64. He likes to read romantic stories.

65. We go to the beach every summer.

66. She comes to visit us once a week.

67. It usually rains every day here.

68. He likes to play football with friends.

69. My uncle works in a museum.

70. Does he drink green tea?

71. He lives in a remote mountain village.

72. I don’t know how to fly an airplane.

73. Whenever he plays football, he gets hurt.

74. Which newspaper do you read regularly?

75. Seabirds often come inland to find food.

100 Simple Present Tense Examples

76. She spends hours chatting with friends.

77. We usually go to the movies on Sundays.

78. It takes two years to complete this course.

79. My dog, Max, usually barks at strangers.

80. Which bus goes to Sarojini Nagar Market?

81. The children love to play with toys.

82. They speak with a strong Southern accent.

83. He comes to see his parents every day.

84. He only eats a small portion of food.

85. We speak on the phone twice a week.

83. Do you like to watch horror movies?

87. I don’t like watching TV on Sundays.

88. My dad usually takes a nap after lunch.

89. She usually sings in the church choir.

90. On Sundays, he seldom goes to the library.

100 Simple Present Tense Examples

91. What happens if I don’t come to the party?

92. Whenever he comes, he brings some gifts.

93. The museum does not open on Fridays.

94. I watch the news at least four hours a day.

95. He usually writes about pollution issues.

96. I read the newspaper before going to work.

97. Children generally like to watch cartoons.

98. She often takes part in dancing competitions.

99. Readers always pay more attention to titles.

100. Sometimes I sleep under the shade of a tree.