Question Tag Examples – English Grammar

Question Tag Examples
Question Tag Examples

Question Tag Examples

  1. It isn’t the best decision, is it?
  2. It is the world’s best car, isn’t it?
  3. It’s a very important thing, isn’t it?
  4. They are our relatives, aren’t they?
  5. We are not on the right way, are we?
  1. He’s very happy these days, isn’t he?
  2. The movie is boring, isn’t it?
  3. The teacher is in the class, isn’t he?
  4. She is from a rich family, isn’t she?
  5. He is famous all over the world, isn’t he?
  6. You like ice cream, don’t you?
  7. He agrees to the plan, doesn’t he?
  8. You know her very well, don’t you?
  9. This pen belongs to Tom, doesn’t it?
  10. He is such a brilliant student, isn’t he?
  11. You didn’t go to work, did you?
  12. He didn’t get married, did he?
  1. He gifted you a perfume, didn’t he?
  2. The teacher didn’t give the test, did he?
  3. You’ve seen the movie before, haven’t you?