50 Past Indefinite Tense Examples In English

50 Past Indefinite Tense Examples In English
Simple Past Tense Examples

Past Indefinite Tense Examples In English

Affirmative Sentences Examples

  • I ate an apple.
  • He flew a kite.
  • I saw her yesterday.
  • You woke me up.
  • She left that job.

  • He left at 10 a.m.
  • She slipped while walking.
  • Anu got married last month.
  • Rohan fell off the stairs.
  • I left my purse at home.
  • His car got stolen.

  • She told me a lie.
  • He plucked the flower.
  • I read the newspaper.

50 Example For Present Perfect Tense

  • She loved him very much.
  • He came to India in 2015.
  • He came to me yesterday.
  • I put the key on your table.
  • He picked the apple and ate it.
  • Rohan left school in 2008.

  • She lived near our house.
  • She came here for the money.
  • I really did wrong to you.

Past Indefinite Tense Examples

Negative Sentences Examples

Simple Past Tense Formula

  • He did not eat an apple.
  • He did nothing wrong.
  • I didn’t beat him.
  • I did not know him.
  • Mohan did not drink alcohol.

  • He did not come yesterday.
  • I did not knock at your door.
  • He did not paint that wall.
  • He didn’t come to me yesterday.
  • She did not invite us.
  • I did not go to her party.
  • You didn’t make the right decision.
  • I didn’t like that song.

Past Indefinite Tense Examples

Interrogative Sentences Examples

  • Did you eat the apple?
  • Did you go there?
  • Did he drive a car?
  • Did Rohan live in Delhi?
  • Did he tell anything?
  • Did she have a pen?

  • Why did you wake me up?
  • Why did you go to Kanpur?
  • When did she come here?
  • Did she meet Rohan?
  • Did she dance?
  • Why did you tell me a lie?
  • Did you get any keys here?

Past Indefinite Tense Examples

Negative Interrogative Sentences

  • Didn’t you eat an apple?
  • Why didn’t you wake me up?
  • Why didn’t you tell me all this?
  • Did she not meet Rohan?
  • Did you not win the race?
  • Did India not win the match?

  • Didn’t Rohan drive the car?
  • Didn’t you go to the fair?
  • Did nobody tell you anything?
  • Why didn’t you go to the office today?
  • Didn’t the teacher come yesterday?
  • Didn’t I eat pizza yesterday?
  • Did you not submit the assignment?