20 Examples of Simple Past Tense Sentences

20 Examples of Simple Past Tense Sentences
Examples of Simple Past Tense

20 Examples of Simple Past Tense Sentences

  1. She placed a book on the table.
  2. He saved the boy from drowning.
  3. I took your pen by mistake.
  4. I bought this beautiful pen.
  5. She went to the movie with Tom.
  6. Where did you learn to swim?
  7. We took the last train to Delhi.
  8. They went on a vacation to Disneyland.
  9. He did not come to school on Monday.
  10. Did you learn any first aid at school?
  11. I met a childhood friend yesterday.
  12. He dropped his briefcase on a chair.
  13. When did you return home last night?
  14. He climbed to the top of the hill.
  15. He removed the picture from the wall.
  16. She felt refreshed after her sleep.
  17. Bob became a doctor at the age of 26.
  18. I bought myself a new pair of shoes.
  19. Did you see the movie, Forest Gump?
  20. She invited me to her birthday party.

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More Simple Past Tense Sentences

  1. The boy put the telephone out of order.
  2. We came by a longer route than usual.
  3. I gave each of the boys an apple.
  4. We rescued the boy who fell into the river.
  5. The sun came forth from behind the cloud.
  6. Their friendship lasted for twenty years.
  7. He did not know anybody at the party.
  8. We took a straightforward route to the beach.
  9. Why did you choose to live in Japan?
  10. I enjoyed every minute of the party.
  11. We reached Sydney early in the morning.
  12. We collected shells on the beach.
  13. Sarah closed the book and laid it aside.
  14. He started his political career as a student.
  15. He built a model ship out of wood.
  16. From whom did you receive these flowers?