100 Simple Past Tense Example Sentences

100 Simple Past Tense Example Sentences | Examples of Simple Past Tense

Definition of Simple Past Tense

The Simple past tense is used to describe an action that was completed in the past. In other words, it began in the past and ended in the past.

Formula: – Subject + Verb(2) + object.

100 Simple Past Tense Example Sentences
100 Simple Past Tense Examples

100 Simple Past Tense Example Sentences

1. The dog attacked the little girl.

2. A fire broke out near my store.

3. A group of gangsters stole my money.

4. Did you do your homework?

5. He sold the house for 16,000 dollars.

6. She taught me how to write a poem.

7. He wrote a book on politics.

8. The fan asked for his autograph.

9. His wife opened the door for him.

10. How did you come to know her?

11. I bought two bottles of milk.

12. How did your interview go?

13. I caught my finger in the door.

14. He beat the dog with a stick.

15. I heard you snoring during the class.

16. I left my luggage on the bus.

17. A man jumped out of the window.

18. He snored loudly while he slept.

19. The waiter brought a new plate.

20. I didn’t know where she came from.

21. The temperature fell several degrees.

22. We chose John to be captain.

23. The thief opened the door and fled.

24. She brought me a glass of water.

25. They all searched for the lost child.

26. He bent down to pick up the money.

27. They arrived here at about ten o’clock.

28. She arranged the flowers beautifully.

29. The angry man broke the window.

30. She lived in Kyoto four years ago.

31. The police arrested him for theft.

32. I forget your telephone number.

33. The musician beat his drums loudly.

34. I forgot to lock the door.

35. The mice ate some of the bread.

36. I found it easy to speak English.

37. My sister became a teacher.

38. Our car broke down last night.

39. Our team lost the first game.

40. Rohan became a policeman.

41. Where did you get your hair cut?

42. Where did you go last Sunday?

43. The cat ran away into the room.

44. Somebody burnt my treehouse.

45. The child threw a stone at the dog.

46. Who taught you to play the piano?

47. I only slept for three hours.

48. The meeting closed at six p.m.

49. Some apples fell down from the tree.

50. I started learning French last week.

51-100 Simple Past Tense Example Sentences

51-100 Simple Past Tense Example Sentences
100 Simple Past Tense Examples

100 Simple Past Tense Example Sentences

51. I talked to her on the telephone.

52. Why did you open the box?

53. Why did you say such a thing?

54. You did this intentionally!

55. The shop carried leather goods.

56. I met her on my way to school.

57. The nurse took his temperature.

58. I never spoke to him after that.

59. I took your umbrella by mistake.

60. The new medicine saved her life.

61. The sky suddenly began to darken.

62. The teachers greeted the little boy.

63. I traveled around the country by car.

64. I watched an old movie on TV.

65. Marry made an apple pie.

66. We went to the airport by taxi.

67. I wrote a love letter last night.

68. John married an older girl.

69. The English lesson started at 9:30.

70. I ordered a book from Amazon.

71. Kate wanted an ice cream cone.

72. She took a bite of my apple.

73. My car ran out of fuel.

74. The dog ran after the ball.

75. She made pancakes for breakfast.

76. Somebody caught me by the arm.

77. The boy made fun of the girl.

78. The bus passed five minutes ago.

79. When I went to the zoo I saw a lion.

80. The milk froze and became solid.

81. They went out before I knew it.

82. This girl changed her look.

83. Tom and I saw a lion yesterday.

84. We ate sandwiches for breakfast.

85. We learned how to read English.

86. We played basketball yesterday.

87. Bob built a wooden bookcase.

88. The doctor achieved worldwide fame.

89. We reached the station on time.

90. Many people applied for the position.

91. We went to the beach last week.

92. The committee approved the proposal.

93. When did you begin learning English?

94. You acted like you owned the place.

95. When I heard the news, I cried.

96. He tried hard but achieved nothing.

97. She added a little sugar to the coffee.

98. The doctor advised him not to drink.

99. I answered neither of the letters.

100. Both the girls started accusing each other.