Examples of Adverbs In Sentences

20 Examples of Adverbs In Sentences
20 Examples of Adverbs In Sentences

30 Examples of Adverbs In Sentences

  1. We walked slowly along the road.
  2. Steven was born severely disabled.
  3. I have never committed any crime.
  4. She is quite healthy for her age.
  5. The dog licked the bowl greedily.

  1. How frequently do the trains come?
  2. I see her occasionally in the park.
  3. I couldn’t find my key anywhere.
  4. She was sixteen and sweetly innocent.
  5. She can solve the puzzle correctly.

  1. I make the bed daily for my little sister.
  2. The ballerina danced gracefully on the stage.
  3. There is too much noise in this class.
  4. My uncle wants to go abroad next year.
  5. She often goes overseas for vacations.

  1. We went to Shimla during summer vacation.
  2. The child climbed the stairs cautiously.
  3. The train moves rapidly on the tracks.
  4. The final match will be played tonight.
  5. He stopped suddenly when he saw her.

  1. Take the medicine regularly two times a day.
  2. iPhone costs more than Android mobiles.
  3. It was almost two o’clock when we left.
  4. The old man was waiting eagerly for his son.
  5. Milk turns sour quickly in hot weather.

  1. His performance was simply amazing.
  2. The sun was rising above the green hills.
  3. The weather got very bad later in the day.
  4. She laid the baby down gently on the bed.
  5. You can count on Lily to act responsibly.
  6. 30 Examples of Adverbs In Sentences