100 Present Indefinite Tense Sentences In English

Present Indefinite Tense Sentences In English
100 Present Indefinite Tense Sentences In English

Present Indefinite Tense Sentences In English

  1. Do you love to play basketball?
  2. I love to play basketball.
  3. She never goes to school.
  4. Why don’t you do your homework?
  5. I do my homework at school.
  6. Do you swim well?
  7. Do you shave every morning?
  8. My brother gets up early every morning.
  9. My parents have a big house.
  10. My brother has a big car.
  11. Does your mother get up early?
  12. I don’t like popcorn.
  13. She doesn’t have any friends.
  14. I drink black tea every morning.
  15. Do you like chocolate?

  1. I like watching horror movies.
  2. I never watch a horror film.
  3. The children are in the garden.
  4. Rohan runs faster than me.
  5. The bus arrives at 11:30 am.
  6. My sister works in the library.
  7. 100 Present Indefinite Tense Sentences In English
  8. She drinks a glass of milk every morning.
  9. He brushes his teeth two times a day.
  10. How old is your brother?
  11. We go on holiday every summer.
  12. Why don’t you brush your teeth daily?
  13. Where do you live in India?
  14. She seems happier than usual.
  15. The children are not in the bedroom.
  16. I always take my lunch to work.

  1. I don’t go to work by bus.
  2. Wolves don’t usually attack people.
  3. How often do you wash your hair?
  4. I wash my hair three times a week.
  5. Why don’t you wash your hair daily?
  6. Does she live in the UK?
  7. It rains a lot in Thailand.
  8. Do you know each other?
  9. Aarti thinks she is beautiful.
  10. Does your little sister go to school?

  1. My sister studies in the 10th grade.
  2. I work at a tractor factory.
  3. I really like the food here.
  4. Mumbai is in India.
  5. It usually rains every day here.
  6. Pigeons don’t fly at night.
  7. I go to the gym five times a week.
  8. My son comes home every Sunday.
  9. The moon rises just after sunset.
  10. Where do you buy clothes from?
  11. She is never late for work.
  12. Where does she go at night?
  13. Where do your parents live?
  14. My parents live in Canada.
  15. He does not want to eat burgers.
  16. She does not want to be with you.
  17. Children want to play in the park.
  18. He knows how to solve the puzzle.
  19. Rohit knows how to impress a girl.
  20. My birthday comes in January.

  1. 100 Present Indefinite Tense Sentences In English
  2. My parents don’t want to live abroad.
  3. Children do not want to be alone.
  4. Rakhi studies in 12th grade.
  5. I do not like swimming.
  6. She doesn’t like paragliding.
  7. The lion eats the flesh of other animals.
  8. He does not listen to anyone.
  9. This shop opens at 10 am.
  10. I buy my clothes from Delhi.
  11. My son wants to be a lawyer.
  12. Does she live near here?
  13. My sister does not like to eat fish.
  14. Do you tidy your room every day?
  15. I know some of his friends.
  16. The match starts in an hour.
  17. Present Indefinite Tense Sentences In English

  1. How many pens do you have?
  2. How many cars does he have?
  3. Cats like to eat fish.
  4. He considers himself smart.
  5. she looks like her mother.
  6. Does he come here every day?
  7. Does he come here to meet you?
  8. She comes to visit her sisters.
  9. Iron is stronger than wood.
  10. The car runs on petrol.

  1. How many legs does a spider have?
  2. Do you like writing in English?
  3. I don’t know how to fly a kite.
  4. She teaches us math.
  5. I like to write articles.
  6. He wants to do MBBS.
  7. He lives with his brother.
  8. Lokesh never tells a lie.
  9. He works in our company.
  10. I like to eat mangoes very much.
  11. What company does he work in?
  12. In which school do your children study?
  13. Dogs bark more at night.
  14. Cats run faster than dogs.
  15. Preeti doesn’t know how to write an email.
  16. He never follows traffic rules.
  17. She never wears lipstick.
  18. She always wears a locket around her neck.
  19. He sleeps on the terrace in summer.
  20. Shilpa celebrates her birthday every year.
  21. 100 Present Indefinite Tense Sentences In English