20 Examples of Present Perfect Tense Sentences

20 Examples of Present Perfect Tense
Examples of Present Perfect Tense 

20 Examples of Present Perfect Tense Sentences

  1. I have forgotten to bring my specs.
  2. We have eaten at that restaurant before.
  3. She has gone to Italy on vacation.
  4. I have known him since childhood.
  5. I’ve seen him somewhere before.
  6. I have left my book at home.
  7. India has decided to bat first.

  1. I have just made some cookies.
  2. How long have you been in Tokyo?
  3. Have you ever tried to quit smoking?
  4. She has not emailed the document yet.
  5. I’ve heard that story twenty times.
  6. I have come here for the first time.
  7. The patient has not eaten anything.
  8. He has been in this office for ten years.
  9. We have seen Machu Picchu of Peru.
  10. I’ve got a lot of homework today.
  11. I have never seen such a place before.
  12. Have you locked and bolted the door?
  13. He has parked his car on the road.

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More Examples of Present Perfect Tense 

  • Tom has sent me the most precious gifts.
  • How many books have you written so far?
  • I have flown in an airplane twice.
  • The postman has delivered all the mail.
  • Haven’t you finished your meal yet?

  • How much weight have you lost so far?
  •  I’ve spilled a cup of tea on my shirt.
  • I have learned a lot under your leadership.
  • Have you done your math homework yet?
  • Bob has broken off his engagement to Mary.
  • Have you hugged your child today?
  • It has come to my knowledge that he resigned.