20 Examples of Imperative Sentence

Imperative Sentence

The sentence which gives command or advice to the listener is called an imperative sentence.

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20 Examples of Imperative Sentence
Examples of Imperative Sentence

Examples of Imperative Sentence

  1. Don’t brush my shirt.
  2. Please show me your notebook.
  3. Put the clothes in the sun.
  4. Put on your shoes first.
  5. Do not behave like a child.
  6. Apply oil on your hair.
  7. Spread the sheet on the bed.
  8. Don’t lean against the wall.
  9. Keep the door partly open.
  10. Do not park your vehicle here.
  11. Don’t forget what I said.
  12. Take rest here tonight.
  13. Move the plates off the table.
  14. Please submit the document to me.
  15. Pour the tea into the cup.
  1. Call me when you get home.
  2. Please speak a little more slowly.
  3. Could you spell your name, please?
  4. Please maintain silence in the classroom.
  5. Go to the market and bring some fruits.
  6. Please contact our agent in Italy for further information.