Imperative Sentence Meaning, Sentences & Examples

What Is an Imperative Sentence?

An imperative sentence is used to make a request, offer advice, issue a command, or give an instruction. These types of sentences do not require a subject.

Imperative Sentence is Used to Express:

  • Command/Order: Open the door.
  • Request: Please help me.
  • Advice: Always drive slowly.
Imperative Sentence Meaning Examples
Imperative Sentence Meaning Examples

Examples of Imperative Sentences

1. Open your mouth!

2. Turn on the fan.

3. Stop your nonsense!

4. Give me your money.

5. Don’t go outside.

6. Go back to your seat.

7. Come and sit here.

8. Please help me.

9. Drink up your milk.

10. Don’t fight.

11. Come here.

12. Go and sleep.

13. Take whatever you like.

14. Take your umbrella.

15. Take a book and read it.

16. Close the door.

17. Please allow me to go.

18. Keep it there.

19. Please answer the phone.

20. Don’t approach the dog.

21. Stay away from the fire.

22. Stay quiet and rest.

23. Don’t argue with me.

24. Please don’t argue with her.

25. Don’t ask me.

26. Eat your food.

27. Go and wake her up.

28. Please wake me up at six.

29. Wait in the waiting room.

30. Wait till the rain stops.

31. Drink some water.

32. Don’t go anywhere.

33. Shall we take a rest?

34. Shall I drive you home?

35. Shall I close the door?

36. Switch off the light.

37. Please don’t cry.

38. Speak more slowly, please!

39. Take off your shoes, please.

40. Please send an ambulance.

41. Always follow your heart.

42. Always be happy!

43. Always follow the traffic rules.

44. Throw it away.

45. Open your book to page five.

46. Don’t pull it. Push it open.

47. Don’t leave the door open.

48. Keep the window open.

49. Always listen to your elders.

50. Take care of yourself.

51. Stop teasing her.

52. Stop criticizing me!

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