Comparative Adjective Examples

comparative adjective examples
Comparative Adjective Examples

Comparative Adjective Examples

  • An electric lamp is brighter than a candle.
  • Isn’t the sea calmer than the other day?
  • Jack runs far faster than his brother.
  • This piece of wood is thicker than that.

  • My hair is shorter than Sarah’s hair.
  • Good fame is better than a good face.
  • This cap is cheaper than the red one.

  • Drawing is easier for me than writing.
  • Kathy is taller than all her sisters.
  • John was two years older than Bob.
  • Bob is more intelligent than his brother.

  • My car is more expensive than yours. 
  • Is this dress available in a larger size?
  • We came by a longer route than usual.
  • Tom looks much fatter than in his photo.

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