Collective Noun Sentence Examples

Collective Noun Sentence Examples
Collective Noun Sentence Examples

Collective Noun Sentence Examples

  1. Which basketball team do you support?
  2. I always spend weekends with my family.
  3. She lost her baby in the crowd.
  4. A new family has moved into our street.
  5. A flock of sheep was grazing in the field.
  6. An army of ants marched across the path.
  7. A scientific team is searching for a vaccine.
  8. Yesterday the police caught a gang of thieves.
  9. The plane crashed but the crew are safe.
  10. A pod of dolphins is following our boat.
  11. The office staff refused to work on weekends.
  12. There are more girls in my class than boys.
  13. The orchestra is currently on tour in London.
  14. The people of Japan are wiser than America
  15. She received a bunch of flowers yesterday.
  1. The government provides food for the refugees.
  2. A cloud of butterflies flew over the flowers.
  3. I work in the Sales Administration department.
  4. The football team tried hard to win the match.
  5. I saw a school of fish swimming in the river.
  6. A lawsuit has been filed against the company.
  7. There lived a colony of bees on the tree.
  8. The company is run by a board of directors .
  9. A chain of islands were destroyed by tsunami.
  10. A crowd of reporters had gathered outside the court.

Identify the Collective Noun

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A new family has moved into our street.

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The committee has finally made a decision.

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The audience was thrilled by her performance.

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A flock of sheep is grazing in the fields.

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The jury decided that he is guilty.

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We picked a bunch of juicy grapes from the vine.

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The project is funded by public donations.

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A group of students were punished for misbehaving.

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The doctor's team is searching for the vaccine.

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A herd of elephants stomped through the farm.

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