20 Examples of Distributive Pronoun In Sentences

What Are Distributive Pronouns?

A distributive pronoun considers members of a group separately, rather than collectively. They include each, any, anyone, either, neither and others.

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Examples of Distributive Pronoun

Examples of Distributive Pronoun

  1. Each of you have to work together
  2. He never replied to any of my letters.
  3. I don’t think either of them are at home.
  4. Each of them has a leather money bag.
  5. Neither of my parents is a doctor.
  6. Each one of us has his own duty.
  7. Everyone is laughing at me behind my back.
  8. Could either of you lend me ten dollars?
  9. Have any of you actually seen a UFO?
  10. None of us was going to the party.
  11. Each of us has a company car.
  12. None of them raised any objection.
  13. None of my kids have blonde hair.
  14. Do any of these designs attract you?
  15. Each of the answers is worth 10 points.
  16. No one has ever questioned her judgement.
  17. Either my father or my brothers are coming.
  18. Everyone must be loyal to his motherland.
  19. You can park on either side of the street.
  20. Neither road will go to the railway station.