What Are 10 Examples of Common Nouns?

What Is a Common Noun?

A common noun is used to name general things, places, ideas, events, or people. such as – boy, girl, man, woman, teacher, doctor, students, city, country, animal, computer, cookies, chair, month, week, etc.

A common noun always begins with a lowercase letter unless it is at the beginning of a sentence.

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What Are 10 Examples of Common Nouns 1
What Are 10 Examples of Common Nouns

10 Examples of Common Nouns

  1. We went to the zoo yesterday.
  2. She is going to the party.
  3. They read the book together.
  4. Can you catch the butterfly?
  5. I like these beautiful flowers.
  6. The film will release on Friday.
  7. Sarah called me on the phone.
  8. I am sick of eating chocolates.
  9. Canada is a beautiful country.
  10. Bob is packing for our vacation.
  11. The class starts at ten o’clock.
  12. My mum is at the post office.
  13. The dog ran away with the bread.
  14. There are many stars in the sky.
  15. My sister likes to eat hamburgers.