Adverb of Degree: English grammar

Adverb of degree

The adverb of degree is used to inform how much‘ (or to what extent) we do something. They can be used before adjectives, verbs, or other adverbs.

List of Adverb of degree:

Absolutely, Badly, Barely, Completely, Deeply, Extremely, Fully, Hardly, Incredibly, Intensely, just, little, Much, Nearly, Quite, Scarcely, Strongly, Somewhat, Thoroughly, Too, Very, Well, etc.

What is adverb of degree with example
What is an adverb of degree with example

Examples of Adverbs of degree Sentences

  • His performance was absolutely superb.
  • It’s almost a year since she died.
  • He could barely read and write.
  • The operation was completely successful.
  • I’m enormously grateful for your help.
  • You haven’t practiced enough.
  • He knows the area extremely well.
  • Have you traveled far today?
  • He can hardly afford an apartment.
  • It was incredibly boring and slow.
  • He was strongly opposed to the idea.
  • The fire was burning intensely.
  • It took nearly two hours to reach there.
  • There was scarcely any traffic.
  • The experiment went terribly wrong.
  • The rules of the game are quite simple.
  • I’ve read practically all of his books.
  • Bob was well paid and enjoyed her job.
  • I’ve just joined the local golf club.
  • He still hasn’t fully recovered from his injury.
Examples of Adverbs of degree Sentences
Adverbs of degree Sentences

List of Adverbs of Degree

  • Absolutely
  • Almost
  • Badly
  • Barely
  • Completely
  • Deeply
  • Enormously
  • Enough
  • Extremely
  • Far
  • Fully
  • Hardly
  • Incredibly
  • Intensely
  • just
  • little
  • Much
  • Nearly
  • Practically
  • Quite
  • Scarcely
  • Strongly
  • Somewhat
  • Terribly
  • Thoroughly
  • Too
  • Very
  • Virtually
  • Well