Adverb of Degree Examples in Sentences

Adverb of Degree

Adverbs of degree are used to express how much‘ (or to what extent) we do something. They can be used before adjectives, verbs, or other adverbs.

Adverbs of degree include: very, too, deeply, badly, incredibly, completely, strongly, thoroughly, hardly, extremely, nearly, etc.

Adverb of Degree Examples Sentences
Adverb of Degree Examples

Adverb of Degree Examples

  • The food was absolutely fantastic.
  • Their house is almost opposite ours.
  • She’s barely 14 years old.
  • She’s completely insensitive to my feelings.
  • The show was enormously popular.
  • The rope isn’t long enough.
  • Her suit looked extremely expensive.
  • Have you traveled far today?

  • He was lying on the bed, fully dressed.
  • You have hardly done any work.
  • That was an incredibly weak answer.
  • He seemed to dislike me intensely.
  • Mom’s just gone down to the shops.
  • I’m a little tired of this work.
  • It’s much easier compared with last time.
  • The boy nearly fell into the river.
  • I meet famous people practically every day.
  • The movie is quite interesting.

  • I could scarcely recognize him.
  • The price is somewhat higher than I expected.
  • I’m not terribly interested in politics.
  • I was too excited to sleep.
  • You don’t look very happy today.
  • Virtually all the students come to school by bus.
  • She speaks Japanese well.

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Adverb of Degree Examples in Sentences
Adverb of Degree Examples Sentences

List of Adverbs of Degree

  • Absolutely
  • Almost
  • Badly
  • Barely
  • Completely
  • Deeply
  • Enormously
  • Enough
  • Extremely
  • Far

  • Fully
  • Hardly
  • Incredibly
  • Intensely
  • just
  • little
  • Much
  • Nearly
  • Practically

  • Quite
  • Scarcely
  • Strongly
  • Somewhat
  • Terribly
  • Thoroughly
  • Too
  • Very
  • Virtually
  • Well