10 Lines on Republic Day in English for Children and Students

10 Lines on Republic Day in English

Republic Day is celebrated all over the country on 26 January. This is the day when patriotism and immense love and respect for the motherland awaken in the heart of every Indian. Also on this day, every person feels proud of their country India which is stronger than the sky. Every Indian celebrates Republic Day as a national festival.

On this day, flag-hoisting ceremonies are held by the armed forces and school children, while a grand parade is organized at Rajpath in New Delhi. Which is called the Republic Day Parade, which is presided over by the President. It showcases the country’s rich cultural heritage and military prowess.

10 Lines on Republic Day in English

10 Lines on Republic Day in English

1. Republic Day is a National Festival of India.

2. It is celebrated on 26 January every year.

3. On this day the Constitution of India came into force in 1950.

4. The Constitution of India is the supreme law of India.

5. The tri-colour National Flag of India is hoisted on this day.

6. India became a secular and democratic country on this day.

7. We must respect our freedom and freedom fighters.

8. A grand parade takes place in the capital New Delhi on Republic Day.

9. Children adore flags and balloons colored as National Flag.

10. This day gives the message of solidarity and freedom to all.

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