50 Adjective Examples In Sentences

50 Adjective Examples In Sentences-1
50 Adjective Examples In Sentences

50 Adjective Examples In Sentences

1). Sophia and Olivia are good friends.

2). Elephants are intelligent animals.

3). All bacteria are larger than viruses.

4). She is a worldwide famous designer.

5). It was a rather difficult question.

6). My mom gave me a huge watermelon.

7). The two of you make a perfect couple.

8). There was a strong wind blowing.

9). The moonlight shone on the calm sea.

10). They had worried looks on their faces.

11). There is a beautiful bird in the cage.

12). John drew a picture on the foggy window.

13). The waitress received a handsome tip.

14). These toys are made from tough plastic.

15). The park is behind a tall building.

16). The old man went to London by train.

17). I have an excellent idea to save the dog.

18). Your flower garden is very colorful.

19). It is an excellent novel in every way.

20). You have a dirty mark on your face.

50 Adjective Examples In Sentences

21). The big dog chased him down the road.

22). The sky is suddenly covered with dark clouds.

23). The dishwasher is a wonderful invention.

24). The bus passes through a long tunnel.

25). I made a silly mistake in the examination.

26). A stray dog was cringing by the door.

27). Dictionaries are usually printed on thin paper.

28). Emma wore a pretty dress to the wedding.

29). She was deeply affected by the sad story.

30). Guests were told to come in fancy dress.

31). The local war escalated into a major conflict.

32). The postman brought me a large package.

33). I had never seen such an ugly baby before.

34). Peter threw a stone into the calm lake.

35). The red balloon floated up in the air.

36). The athlete has got powerful muscles.

37). She was gifted with a charming smile.

50 Adjective Examples In Sentences

38). Look, there’s a strange object in the sky!

39). An eagle was flying in the blue sky.

40). He spread some strawberry jam on his toast.

41). The sky was covered with twinkling stars.

42). There are only three candidates for the job.

43). Don’t make such stupid mistakes again.

44). She scalded her tongue with hot coffee.

45). Nora has to get rid of her smelly socks.

46). I closed my eyes against the bright light.

47). The box was fastened with a rusty wire.

48). The thief walked past the sleeping guard.

49). The elephant is the largest living land animal.

50). She died after a brave fight against cancer.

50 Adjective Examples In Sentences