20 Examples of Compound Prepositions In Sentences

Compound Prepositions

Compound Prepositions are generally formed by prefixing a ‘Preposition’ (a, be) to a Noun, an Adjective, or an Adverb. The most commonly used Compound Prepositions are: among, amid, above, across, around, behind, below, before, between, inside, outside, underneath, etc.

Compound Prepositions List / Words

about, among, amongst, amid, amidst, against, above, towards, near, across, along, around, behind, below, before, beside, beneath, between, beyond, inside, outside, underneath, etc.

20 Examples of Compound Prepositions In Sentences
Examples of Compound Prepositions

Examples of Compound Prepositions

  1. The baby crawled across the floor.
  2. They walked slowly along the road.
  3. The earth goes around the sun.
  4. I hung my coat behind the door.
  5. The sun sank below the horizon.
  6. Knock on the door before you enter.
  7. He sat down beside the fire.
  8. The boat sank beneath the waves.
  9. This is just between you and me.
  10. My house is beyond that bridge.
  11. I left my key inside my room.
  12. There’s a car outside the building.
  13. The coin rolled underneath the piano.
  1. He is optimistic about the future.
  2. Mary is popular among students.
  3. He felt strange amid so many people.
  4. He leaned his back against the wall.
  5. We were flying above the clouds.
  6. She pushed the book towards me.
  7. The house is situated near the church.