20 Examples of Double Prepositions In Sentences

Double Prepositions

When two prepositions join together to form a proposition, that preposition is called a double preposition. The most commonly used Double Prepositions are: Into, upon, onto, throughout, inside, without, & within.

List of Double Prepositions

Into, inside, upon, onto, without, within, throughout, from within, out of, from behind, from under, from above, outside of, from above, up to, next to, according to, up against, at about, at around, before considering, because of, as about, as above, as after, as inside, as outside, over to, over from, off on, off to, etc.

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Examples of Double Prepositions
Examples of Double Prepositions

Examples of Double Prepositions

  1. The ball rolled into the hole.
  2. The village stands upon a hill.
  3. He was strapped onto the chair.
  4. He is famous throughout the world.
  5. I left my key inside my room.
  6. We could not live without air.
  7. They make bottles out of glass.
  8. We will walk upto the supermarket.
  9. He came and sat next to me.
  10. According to me, it’s a great show.
  11. I couldn’t sleep because of the noise.
  12. We eat dinner at about seven.
  13. I’ll be back at around 5 o’clock.
  14. We handed him over to the police.
  15. Please start over from the beginning.
  16. He was carried off on a stretcher.
  17. She dragged him off to the concert.
  18. The sun emerges from behind the clouds.
  19. A spider appeared from under the sofa.
  20. When viewed from above, things seem small.