Who in a sentence Example

Who in a sentence

  • Who all would you like to invite?
  • Who knows?
  • Who all would like to talk to me?
  • Who is that girl/boy?
  • Who is this in this selfie?
  • Who said?
  • Who painted this picture?
  • I am with Ayansh, who is my son.
  • Who are you?
Use Who in a sentence Example
Who in a sentence
  • I don’t know, who made the cake.
  • The question is who will do this project.
  • What is your opinion, who will win the match?
  • This is Ram, who was there with me.
  • That is my friend, who had called you.
  • Who is going to sing tonight?
  • Who was the first prime minister of India?
  • Who can make this picture?
  • Who will be the next superstar?
  • Who will cook the food?
  • Who will go to Agra?
  • Who wrote this song?
  • Who do you want to meet?
  • I saw a woman, who wore a blue saree.
  • Police arrested a thief, who was running.
  • Lokesh, who didn’t work hard, failed again.
  • I saw a girl, who was very beautiful.
  • Ravi is the only boy, who comes on time.
  • My brother, who lives in Delhi, is coming today.
  • The boy, who is playing, is my friend.

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