What is 7 Coordinating Conjunctions | List & Examples

Coordinating Conjunctions Definition

The conjunction which joins two words/two independent phrases or clauses is known as a Coordinating conjunction. The two connected clauses or phrases are of equal importance.

There are only seven coordinating Conjunctions that are For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet & So. FANBOYS is an acronym to help you remember all 7 Coordinating Conjunctions.

7 Coordinating Conjunction List

  • F – for
  • A- and
  • N – nor
  • B – but
  • O – or
  • Y – yet
  • S – so
FANBOYSUse of 7 Coordinating Conjunctions
Forto show a reason.
Andto connect similar things, sentences, or ideas.
Norto connect two negative sentences, or ideas.
Butto show a difference or a change between two ideas.
Orto show a choice between two sentences, or ideas.
Yet to show a difference or a change like but.
Soto show the effect.
7 Coordinating Conjunction List Examples Fanboys
Coordinating Conjunction List

7 Coordinating Conjunction Examples

  1. He is overweight, for he eats too many sweets.
  2. He bought milk and fruits from the market.
  3. He does not want to play nor does he study.
  4. He likes dogs, but his wife does not like dogs.
  5. We can go to play, or we can study at home.
  6. He studied very hard, yet he failed the exam.
  7. His car was dirty, so he washed it.