20 Examples of Verb in Sentences

A verb is a word that expresses an action or a state of being. Every sentence must have a verb.

  • Action – eat, walk, sleep, run, read, etc.
  • State of being – exist, stand, etc.
20 Examples of Verb in Sentences
20 Examples of Verb in Sentences

20 Examples of Verb in Sentences

  • The Prime minister leaves for China tomorrow.
  • He always reaches his office before 8 am.
  • We are leaving after finishing our meal.
  • She seems happier than usual.
  • Cats run faster than dogs.

  • The polls will close in an hour.
  • The child is sleeping on the bed.
  • At 8 o’clock, I was eating dinner.
  • She is going to do laundry.
  • I am waiting for you outside the library.

  • She was charged with credit card fraud.
  • The teacher is teaching mathematics.
  • My brother gets up early every morning.
  • The ballerina danced gracefully on the stage.
  • She always wears a locket around her neck.

  • Your father is standing at the door.
  • My friend bought a new car yesterday.
  • I saw her two weeks ago in the park.
  • I washed my feet before I went to bed.
  • She cut her finger when she was cooking.

Verb Worksheet

Identify the verb

  1. Bob listens to his favorite song.
  2. John hit the ball over the wall.
  3. My dog barks at Amy’s friends.
  4. Nancy solved the puzzle easily.
  5. He crossed the road by himself.
  6. I drink a glass of milk everyday.
  7. The roof of the library is leaking.
  8. Sarah is hiding behind the tree.
  9. My dad bought me a video game.
  10. The police arrested the bank robber.

Answer: 1- listens, 2- hit, 3- barks, 4- solved, 5- crossed, 6- drink, 7- leaking, 8- hiding, 9- bought, 10- arrested.