20 Examples of Interjection In sentences

What is an Interjection (!)

An interjection is a short word or phrase that shows sudden feelings or emotions. Interjections are frequently followed by an exclamation mark (!), which itself is used to expressing emotion.

Examples: Bravo, Hurray, Hi, Alas, Hey, Yippee, Oops, Wow, Yeah, Yay, Ow, Ew, Alas, Yuck.

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20 Examples of Interjection In sentences
Examples of Interjection In sentences

Examples of Interjection

  1. Hurray! It’s time to go home.
  2. Bravo! you have done well.
  3. Hi! How are you?
  4. Hello! Is there anybody home?
  5. Hey, come and look at this!
  6. Alas, it’s not that simple.
  7. Yay! I’ve finished my exam!
  8. Ah, what a lovely baby!
  9. Yeah, you need a break.
  10. Wow! That’s totally awesome!
  11. Oops! I hit the wrong button.
  12. Ew! It’s so dirty.
  13. No school for four weeks – yippee!
  14. Ow! you’re standing on my foot!
  15. Um! I want something to drink.
  16. Yuck! There’s a hair in my soup.
  17. Aww! Look at the baby, it’s so cute.
  18. Shoo, all of you, I’m busy!
  19. Psst, what’s the time?
  20. Brr! It’s so cold.
  21. Eh? She’s got how many children?
  22. Huh? What did you say?
  23. Arhh, Just keep quiet!
  24. Shh. Please don’t interrupt, Amy.
  25. Ouch! It really hurts.
  26. Tut – tut, the boy’s late again!