Essay On Social Media In English | Advantages, and Disadvantages of Social Media

Essay On Social Media In English | Advantages, and Disadvantages of Social Media


We cannot ignore the fact that social media is one of the biggest entertainment tools in our lives today. Through this, we can get any type of information and talk to our loved ones in any corner of the world. Social media is an attractive tool and today it is completely connected to our lives.

Social Media’s Impact on Youth:

The youth generation of any country is the future of that country, they can also build and spoil the economy of the country. These days everyone likes to stay connected with social networking sites. Some people believe that if you are not present in digital form then you do not exist. The increasing pressure to appear on social sites and the profile of influential people is affecting youth in a big way.

Statistics show that a normal teenager uses about 72 hours of social media per week. Due to this many serious problems have started arising among the youth. In modern times, youth spend more than half of their day on social media sites, and due to this, we are losing connection with each other day by day in our personal life. Along with this, youth share their personal information with strangers, friends, and sex offenders on social media, which puts them at risk of harm in the future.

Positive Effects of Social Media:

  • Social media is very useful in the field of education, it can reach even the biggest information to us in a moment.
  • It transmits all the news of the country and the world very easily.
  • It keeps friends and relatives in far-flung countries connected to each other through social media.
  • Discussion on many types of political, religious, and social issues on social media generates awareness among the people.
  • You can also earn through social media, many people also earn money by uploading videos on YouTube and writing blogs.
  • Today, in a time of epidemics like corona, social media has contributed a lot in the field of education, through this, students are studying at home.

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Negative Effects of Social Media:

  • Reduction in the mental growth of children and memory has also been affected by using social media.
  • There is a risk of cyberbullying on social media sites.
  • Social media promotes fake news and inflammatory speeches.
  • There is a great lack of privacy on social media sites, which makes our personal data vulnerable to theft.
  • Social media has a bad effect on human physical and mental health.
  • Excessive use of social media has a bad effect on the brain of humans, due to which many times they go into depression as well.
  • These days cybercrime is the biggest problem related to social media.
  • On these sites, any information is distorted and presented to the people.


If we look at both the positive and negative aspects of social media, there is no doubt that human beings should use their discretion and skills to use social media. The wrong use of social media can give a man a life sentence. Therefore, it is necessary that all aspects of it be discussed and new options should be explored to prevent misuse of social media without violating the right to privacy so that its side effects can be avoided in the future.