50 Sentences With Present Continuous Tense

Sentences With Present Continuous Tense 3
Sentences With Present Continuous Tense

Sentences With Present Continuous Tense

1). A deer is eating grass on the field.

2). I’m going to have another cup of tea.

3). The children are playing in the street.

4). Which train is going toward Patna?

5). She is buying milk for her cat.

6). He is standing behind the tree.

7). She is learning to speak English.

8). It is snowing here in London.

9). My sister is singing a Classical song.

10). I’m going to my friend’s wedding tomorrow.

11). She is wearing a suit made from pure silk.

12). Where are you going on your honeymoon?

13). My brother is coming to stay for a week.

14). None of them are going to school.

15). Tom is sitting beside me on the sofa.

16). He is buying me a car for my birthday.

17). Tom is visiting New York next month.

18). What are you studying at university?

19). John is learning to ride a motorcycle.

20). We are studying for a degree in politics.

21). He is studying how children learn to speak.

22). I am just going to cut the grass.

23). Emma is learning to ride a horse.

24). He is sitting all alone on the terrace.

25). The mechanic is repairing my motorcycle.

Sentences With Present Continuous Tense-2
Sentences With Present Continuous Tense

26). The plane is flying over the clouds.

27). Rohan is doing two jobs these days.

28). My parents are coming at seven o’clock.

29). Listen, somebody is beating at the door.

30). She is learning a new language these days.

31). We are listening to a show on the radio.

32). Children are playing with their toys.

33). The little bird is eating a grain of rice.

34). She is writing a letter to her parents.

35). She’s studying hard to become a doctor.

36). I am not going to the cinema after work.

37). Are you coming to my birthday party?

38). Is the sewing machine working now?

39). The child is just learning to speak.

40). Tom is still learning how to swim.

41). Sophia isn’t going to the party tonight.

42). The wind is blowing from the southeast.

43). The horse is running around the field.

44). Nora is talking on the phone at the moment.

45). The boys are playing football after school.

46). The old man is carrying a box on his shoulder.

47). The children are bathing themselves in water.

48). She is going to Rome at the beginning of May.

49). The lion is sleeping under the shade of a tree.

50). He is watching cartoons on the Disney Channel.

Sentences With Present Continuous Tense