Reciprocal Pronouns: Rules & Examples

What Are Reciprocal Pronouns?

“Each other” and “one another” are known as reciprocal pronouns. Because they show a reciprocal relationship.

We use this pronoun when two or more subjects are acting in the same way towards another. For Example, John is looking at Bob, and Bob is looking at John. So we say:

  • John and Bob are looking at each other.

There are only two reciprocal pronouns:

  • each other
  • one another


  • Each other is used for two persons or things.
  • One another is used for more than two persons or things.

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Reciprocal Pronouns Rules & Examples
Reciprocal Pronouns: Rules & Examples

Reciprocal Pronouns Examples:

  1. John and Kate love each other.
  2. They recited poetry to one another.
  3. We all try and help one another.
  4. Sophy and Anne hate each other.
  5. The boys looked at each other and smiled.
  6. Rahul and Soumya helped each other.
  7. We will never be in contact with each other.
  8. The two trains hit each other end.
  9. We have to cooperate with each other.
  10. We write to each other regularly.
  11. We learned a lot from each other.
  12. They’re open and honest with one another.
  13. They have known each other since childhood.
  14. People were afraid to eat with one another.
  15. They are very different from one another.