Past Continuous Tense Examples

Past Continuous Tense Examples
Past Continuous Tense Examples

Past Continuous Tense Examples

  1. I was reading a book.
  2. The child was sleeping.
  3. The children were sleeping.
  4. She was standing there.
  5. He was playing a video game.
  6. I was buying some chocolate.
  7. I was sleeping at that time.
  8. She was asking me to go there.
  9. She was standing on the terrace.
  10. Rohan was sitting on the sofa.
  11. The train was moving fast.
  12. My mother was cooking.
  1. My sister was washing clothes.
  2. I was driving when you called.
  3. At 8 o’clock, I was eating dinner.
  4. I was reading a romantic novel.
  5. She was trying to feed the baby.
  6. I was watching Ramayana on TV.
  7. I was flying a kite at that time.
  8. I was downloading a movie.
  9. He was going somewhere.
  10. They were going to school.
  11. She was calling someone.
  12. I was just trying to call you.
  13. I was learning to drive a car.
  14. The child was crying loudly.
  15. He was studying that day.
  16. She was holding a purse.
  1. She was wearing a red saree.
  2. It was raining heavily last night.
  3. He was sitting in front of me.
  4. The police were chasing a thief.
  5. It was raining when she came home.
  6. They were shouting in a loud voice.
  7. Were you sleeping when I called?
  8. At 6 o’clock, I was walking in the park.
  9. Yesterday, She was asking me about you.
  10. It was snowing when I left the office.
  11. I was waiting for her in the library.
  12. She was not studying in the library.
  13. My mother was making pizza for me.
  14. They were helping me to lift the box.
  15. The dogs were barking loudly last night.
  16. They were asking me to play with them.
  17. She cut her finger when she was cooking.
  18. She was going to the market at 9 o’clock.
  19. She was making dinner when you arrived.
  20. They were walking when it was going to rain.
  21. She was trying to learn English in those days.
  22. They were playing cricket on that field last week.

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